Ari Global is an investment group that is registered in Kenya. Our focus is on real estate, business advisory, fashion and hospitality. We are structured and positioned to create sustainable wealth through innovation, leadership and great organization for our stakeholders within Africa.


Is to see Africa leverage its own resources and play a pivotal role in global transformation


Is to build a global empire that will influence the world to positive change through the dominance in the real estate, business advisory, fashion and hospitality sectors.


  1. GOD - We honor God at all times. We strive to see our work ethic, our relationships, our strengths and talents from God's view point
  2. PEOPLE - We aim to serve our society with our skills and resources to empower people out of poverty and complacency into productivity and independence.
  3. PRODUCTION - We commit to excellence in all our duties, processes, responsibilities and areas of accountability.
  4. RESULTS - We endeavor to grow our global presence through acquisition of profitable ventures that will increase our asset base.



At Ari Real, our investments go across the full value chain in the real estate industry. In our land banking section we create partnerships in building land banks and adding value to the land through commercial or residential use. Our model is to create investment vehicles that raise capital to acquire property. In our property management function, we offer operational expertise, control and oversight of real estate properties for our clients. We offer comfort to our clients by providing a buffer between them and the tenant.


At Ari Capital we invest and empower businesses to attain best in class in their respective industries. Through our corporate finance arm, we structure and provide capital for business. In our business advisory section we turnaround companies by offering financial strategic solutions for growth and expansion. We also invest in financial literacy programs that focus on creating a movement of entrepreneurs who are economically empowered to take Africa and the world.


At Ari Fashion, it's a new era; it's all about the individual and personal style. We invest in image consulting, in jewelry companies and our own clothing line. In our imaging consulting arm we offer wardrobe transformation to enhance confidence and personal image. We keep one step ahead of trends and pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients exclusive and individual tailored appointments. We offer a varied and comprehensive wardrobe that is inspiring, fashionable, stylish and classic through our clothing line.


We promote travel for recreational, leisure and business purposes trough Ari Travel. We invest in hospitality and transport ventures to build a one stop holiday center. Our investments in state of the art recreational establishments are positioned to boost shareholders wealth through local and international tourism.


Ari foundation offers a platform to give back to the community with the aim of transforming lives by offering opportunities to the less fortunate in our society through education, economic empowerment and giving a second chance to rehabilitated persons.

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